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Remote Viewing

  1. remote viewingRemote viewing is common among those with psychic abilities, what makes mine very unique; is that I can see dream symbols, around people.  Here is a sample reading:

1.) I tune in to see symbols around the person example: Water, Ladder, violets

2.) I then look at the meaning of the symbols

3.) I put interpret them to make sense in a person’s life.

Water connects with the subconscious, and spirit;

Ladder climbing to a higher place, could be work, spirituality; and

Violets are indication  of joy, happiness, bliss, but also spirituality.  So definitely a person who is on the right path, both in their dream state and waking hour. Michael Ann may get more symbols it just depends on the person, and their being open to a viewing. The imagery received from Spirit guides messages is similar to the interpretation of imagery in Tarot card readings.


Past Life

doorway past life copyConnect with your Past life, or lives to help with your life now. You will find many questions may be answered.  For example: You enjoy many things about the Victorian Age, an affinity to a certain time period, may mean that you lived during that period. Knowing your past life can help heal your life your living now.  Can inquire about some things that are going on now. For example: Having heart issues, could mean in a past life you may have an an accident, or disease of sorts.



As a Medium, Spiritual Adviser,  I can also connect with Spirit, to help with those common questions, love, finance, family, and the list goes on.

empath eye


Please note: that during a reading I may use one or more gifts, to give you the best possible reading. I do not limit myself to what Spirit has to say, or my guides.





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