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Michael Ann Gilpin is the site owner and psychic in residence.

Outside the box

Sometimes we get so fixed in our ways. We get up, go to work, eat and repeat. Lately I feel stuck. Doesn’t seem a way out, then I realize I am here on this journey, with all the twists and turns. It’s my adventure; what I make of it. Setting new goals, constantly becoming a better me, learn something new. Shake things up, if it becomes uncomfortable, go outside the box. Rethink why are you at that job, is it just to pay bills, are you happy. Many questions, and there are many answers, sometimes we just need to think outside the box, or get rid of the box. Either way it’s out journey our adventure.

Seeing Purple…

Sometimes I do things, and they seem somewhat odd. The other day I said this is a “Purple Day”, I dressed totally in purple.
If you haven’t notice I like the color. I was driving around and decided to stop at the GoodWill, I can find some deals there sometime. I went in
and low and behold, it was purple tag day, 50% off anything purple tagged. We need to listen to our “gut” feelings, these feelings is that inner voice communicating with you. Sometimes to warn you, or giving a heads up about a sale. Listen to the inner voice that you were born with, it is also a connection to Spirit. We all have intuition, we just need to listen and activate it. Be inspired, listen. You never know what may happen. Try it, and let me know how you used your intuition.